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A different kind of real estate brokerage.

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Harken Realty was created with teamwork in mind.

Great customer service makes buying or selling a home less stressful. Great customer service targets more money via equity to the clients. Great customer service means a long and successful business due to referrals. Are you seeing a theme here? At Harken Realty, helping people to find a new home or sell their current one requires more than paper and ink. The key words are "helping people". My philosophy, which has worked for many years, is: If you treat people right, your business will be successful.

Buyers, especially first time buyers, can benefit from over 20 years of experience of updating ugly homes to make them beautiful. Together, we'll find the potential in a house that suits your budget which can become your new home.
Sellers are used to seeing their homes every day, so they benefit from Harken Realty's checklist of what to look for. By having a fresh set of eyes, and a system to follow when deciding what to do to show a house at it's best, it's possible to get multiple offers and a higher price.
These are just a few of the ways Harken Realty assists clients before and after the sale of a house! I strive for customer satisfaction - every time.

I have relied on referral business for over 20 years.

Happy clients will refer their family and friends to Harken Realty.