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Selling A Home With Harken Realty

I've been in real estate since 1987, but just opened my doors as an independent broker in February 2014 and had 2 home sales to work on before my license was framed for hanging! Now, it's time to get to work on filling my web site with as much information as you might need to answer your questions.

First, the office hours and basics:
I don't answer the phone when I am driving or with another client.
My business hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. unless we are working a deal; then I've been known to stay up until midnight (or, gulp, later) in order to get what is needed done! I don't always take the same two days of the week off, but if you are my client, I will let you know when my breaks are. I will respect your time of relaxation as well.

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Once you get an offer that you accept, the buyer will need to schedule the inspection. Most things are minor, some things that are major might be renegotiated. You can sometimes repair small discrepancies so all parties are satisfied.

When moving out, Harken Realty looks for ways to ease your stress. Maybe you could use a gift card to a local restaurant because all of your dishes are packed. Perhaps you'd like a spa card to get a massage of your sore muscles. Little things mean so much. I never forget that I work for you. It's what makes Harken Realty different from the big name realtors.

I have relied on referral business for over 20 years.

Sellers that get SOLD
will refer their family and friends to Harken Realty.