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Although, I've been in real estate since 1987, I'll be in my first year as an independent broker in my own firm as of February 2015. What a great year it's been! I've been working with several clients to help them budget and get their credit in line for a home in the next year. Now, it's time to get to work on filling my web site with as much information as you might need to answer your questions. The links to the left will take you to other pages with further information.

First, the office hours and basics:
I don't answer the phone when I am driving or with another client.
My business hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. unless we are working a deal; then I've been known to stay up until midnight (or, gulp, later) in order to get what is needed done! I don't always take the same two days of the week off, but if you are my client, I will let you know when my breaks are. I will respect your time of relaxation as well.

Speaking of time off, I created Harken Realty to help people. I want your time off to be as productive as possible when looking for a home. The process usually works like this: You get prequalified by a lender so we know what you can afford. Then, you tell me in general terms what you are looking for such as bedrooms, baths, sq ft, etc. I will show you 4 or 5 homes on our first tour that have the criteria, but might be very different from each other. I listen to your comments on each as we go through them. Then I get to work touring everything that fits what you have told me so that on our next tour you are more likely to fall in love and write an offer.
It is my job to tour homes for you. Many of the homes you see online already have offers, do not meet your financing terms, or have other issues that are not released to the public. So many people get frustrated searching through thousands of pictures only to find the house they saw on the internet is nothing like the dream they imagined. Use your time to pack for your move, or throw away the stuff you're not taking, or have a garage sale. I've been in the real estate industry for many years; I'm pretty good at finding a home to suit my buyer's needs.

Once you make an offer and it gets accepted by the seller, you'll need to schedule the inspection. We'll both accompany the inspector in order to learn about the house. Most things are minor, some things that are major should be renegotiated. You can remove your offer to buy if there is a flaw you do not feel comfortable with at this point. You usually get your earnest money back.

When moving in, Harken Realty wants to ease your pain so I look for ways to help you such as a gift card to a nearby restaurant so you don't have to cook, or perhaps a maid service that can clean the place you're moving from. The word Harken means "to listen" in order to best serve the client. That's what makes my real estate firm different from the big name brokers.

I have relied on referral business for over 20 years.

Buyers that become happy homeowners
will refer their family and friends to Harken Realty.