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Harken Realty Prices Your Home To Get It SOLD

A seller and broker should work together with the common goal of getting the highest offer for the listing. I don't like to write up a deal on the same night as a first meeting. In order get a home sold, there are a few things to be done. One of the most important is pricing it correctly. If you had to choose between two similar homes, 9 times out of 10, you'll choose the one that cost less if all other factors are equal. That's what buyers do.

Here's where Harken Realty is different than your average brokers: Customer service includes more than pricing and signing papers. I have a degree in visual communications. I have studied the psychology of what works and what doesn't, especially on a subliminal level. In over 20 years of listing correctly priced homes, there is only ONE that was on the market for more than 30 days after being entered into the NWMLS database.

It is the broker's part to preview the competition and study the recent sales in order to advise the homeowner on pricing their property. Often sellers ask to list the home high and negotiate down. This is the kiss of death in the real estate market. Buyers will make offers on accurately priced homes. The high priced house will actually help them decide on the lesser listing because they will feel they are getting a similar home at a better cost. If a home is lowered in price after staying on the market for long, buyers will then offer an even lower amount because the assumption is that the price is dropped in desperation.

I mentioned a home that was on the market for more than 30 days. This is what happened: I did a competitive market analysis of the home in April. It was a waterfront property with no other listings on that lake at that time. Two months later, the owner was finally ready to put it up for sale. Now, the weather had improved and there were two other competitors listed. One was at a higher price with an extra bedroom. The other was $5 per sq ft less in price. I advised my client of the changes in the real estate market, and recommended a $5000 drop from the original quote. He insisted on the higher price.

My initial reaction was to request the seller seek out another broker. That's right, I was prepared to walk away from a listing. Here's a secret most of the public doesn't know: Many brokers don't care if your home sells. They collect buyers that come by to preview or call because they looked at the sign in the front yard. Those buyers will write offers on other homes and the brokers make money while your home sits unsold! That's horrible, but true. I do not work that way. When I work for you, that is where my loyalty is.

The seller said he did not want the hassle of phone calling and wasting time. I agreed to list the house for sale for 60 days. At the end of those two months, I released the listing. By December, he had listed it with a third company. The other two homes nearby sold that summer while this seller negotiated his listing price with other brokers. By January, he dropped his asking price by $10,000.

Dropping the price of a lakeside property in freezing rain of January instead of during a sunny June day didn't do any good. Frustrated, the owner gave up at some point. Out of curiosity, I followed up about 10 years later and he was still listed as the owner in the public records. He told me that the money from the sale would be used to build a custom home near his grandchildren. Debating the price with experts cost him that dream!

Since my first real estate venture in 1987, that is my one and only unsold listing. I've been able to sell all types of homes, from 3 bedrooms to condos to mobile homes, within 30 days. Helping sellers with curb appeal, staging, correct marketing and a solid market analysis is what I do. It's more than a paycheck to me. I enjoy helping people move forward.

The moral here: Get listed and get SOLD with Harken Realty.

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