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How A Real Estate Broker Gets Paid

A buyer and broker should work together with the common goal of getting the best home for the value. I also believe that honesty and good communication is needed for the partnership to work.
The NWMLS has inventory that is available to all real estate agents who have a membership. It is also available to the public through various search engines online. This is where communication comes into play. What a buyer may have access to is not the same that a membered realtor has. A broker often spends several hours researching homes for a particular buyer. The broker looks at other homes in the neighborhood, tax records, previous sales, and a number of other items in order to find the best possible home for that buyer to purchase. If a buyer looks at photographs, or relies on the listing agent's descriptions, they may get a false idea of what the home has to offer. You should be able to trust the broker you work with. They should have the experience and knowledge to help you make sound choices.

There are some real estate brokers who prefer not to work with buyers at all. They do not want to risk investing time and gas money only to see that buyer write up an offer with someone else. This is understandable. I try to explain to buyers: How would you like to go to work Monday through Friday, and at the end of the week, your boss writes out your paycheck to a guy that worked only on Saturday? That would be a lawsuit for your wages, right? Buyers pay nothing upfront to a broker. The money spent will not be reimbursed without a final sale. The broker is invested in finding you a home. It's only fair that you should stay with only one broker and communicate if you are not satisfied. A buyer might see ten homes online that they think they like. A broker may say there are only 3 that fit their needs. With proper communication, the broker can explain that they are not "hiding" good homes; instead, the broker listened to their client who said they wanted a home within a month or two. The seven other houses will need government approval (HUD) or have multiple lien issues or any number of things which could make them unsuitable for a quick closing at escrow. This type of information is rarely released to the general public. Honesty and good communication is the key to teamwork. Experience and skillful negotiations are the key to more equity for Harken Realty clients.

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